Many hands make light work. We all know what it takes to complete a quilt. This is an invitation for members to become Charity coordinators.
We have quilt sandwiches, blocks to sew and shirt savers. Shirt Savers are an everyday need at Mary Cariola and they are in need.

Also, all our charities take poly fleece lap quilts. You may have some poly fleece left over from a former project. We have an instruction sheet for it. Just ask!

Bivona Child Advocacy – Infant to 18 years
36” x 48” to twin size (63” x 87”)
Lap Robes for Veterans: 42” x 54-56” (prefer red, white and blue)
Mary Cariola Children’s Center – Ages 3 to 21 years
Meals on Wheels – Senior Citizens or Disabled Adults
Villa of Hope – 14 to 18 years old: Only twin size
Quilts of Valor – Soldiers in transition: 60” x 80”